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We work with large businesses to address some of their more tricky information issues.
For many organisations, the issue is less Big Data - more, it is asking deeper questions to ensure that the data worked on, has sufficient references to external data, so that articulated links can be put into the analysis. For instance, in a data-set of vehicle assets and fuel, maintenance and mileage usage, add in the reference for the normal driver and their age. So having access to multiple non-financial data sets is usually a key factor.  

Gathering data from the most obvious places is a good start - but sometimes, you have to get data from reliable places - and then cleanse the data.

In general, Big Data feels BIG when there are more than 100,000 rows - and the user has to invent rules and analysis in order to understand the content. In reality, few computer systems easily handle more than 1 million rows without seriously affecting what is stored in the single data-set row (unless a real NO-SQL database is used). 

There are a number of inexpensive tools - and quite a number of massively expensive tools. As the march of ever-cheaper hardware is followed in the cost lowering direction - many pieces of software are ruling themselves out, merely on price. 

The vast majority of useful analysis can now be achieved using powerful laptop PCs and good quality Software. The Excel interfaces to data sources has changed the meaning of databases in the last 5 years - and in the last 3 years has shown itself to be of extra-ordinary power.  The convergence of Microsoft SQL and Excel - using BI as a brand name, with the ability to access millions of rows of data are making many analysis tools obsolete overnight.

As we are also leading experts in the use of Advanced Excel (see our sister company SpreadsheetArchitecture.co.uk)  and we use SQL Server Reporting Services; we own our own server farm - so we are better placed than most to deliver timely data analysis and related services.